Industriestr 12, 44577 Castrop-Rauxel

About us

RacingLines Europe is the exclusive and official distributor of RacingLines products in mainland Europe.

With over 10 years of experience in racing vehicle construction, our staff with its know - how supports customers with advice and assistance. Our services range from outstanding sales advice to digitised area measurement to integrate individualized line systems into all kinds of vehicles.

In addition to an always well - stocked assortment of lines and hoses, RacingLines Europe also offers numerous CAD - designed bespoke solutions for your vehicle's oil, coolant and fuel systems. You will find the steadily growing range in our online store and you will be informed about new products on our Facebook page or in the news section of our homepage.

In order to guarantee the shortest possible delivery times, RacingLines Europe has a constantly stocked warehouse and, in addition to standardised shipping, also offers a Europe - wide 24-hour service to ship products as quickly as possible in case of emergeny