Industriestr 12, 44577 Castrop-Rauxel

Special Operations

Racinglines Europe Special Operations offers a variety of services like our installation-service, the engineering department for one off products and of course or consultation- and support-service.


Our installation service is perfect for customers who don’t have a workshop available. Simply contact us and we are happy to install our products for you into your vehicle.


There are projects which are so special that even our wide product range doesn’t offer the correct parts. Exactly for these projects our custom-made products department was created. This department takes care from the first consultation, over the products design till to the final product. Our experience and expertise guarantee a perfect result that will bring your project or business forward.


A consultation before the projects starts is always very helpful. No matter if you are building a complete car or just changing the engine, fuel cell or oil system, the consultation-service offers the chance to our customers to get a second view on their project and so benefit from our experience and expertise.